Monday, September 8, 2008

School Days

Well, 2 weeks in and we've already been bit by the bug! :)

After 2 days in preschool, Ellie spent the weekend producing some diapers of "questional" proportions! She never acted like she felt bad, but her appetite was definitely decreased, so I figured something was up. Then it happened...last night at about 9:30, Jake came out of his room to inform us that his stomach didn't feel quite hour later, he was producing some vomit! On the up side, it seems to be a "one and done" virus, meaning he went to bed and slept all night and is driving me insane today wanting to go outside and play football and all sorts of forbidden activities for "sick" children!!! I don't think I'll have to worry about him trying to play "hookie" anytime soon-he has figured out that staying home from school=no fun!!!

Despite our bug infestation, the first two weeks of school have been wonderful! Trent LOVES Kindergarten and is really into reading books now! Jake has stepped right into 3rd grade without missing a beat. He is the type of child that really thrives in school- the structure, the schedule-he is very self-motivated, so unlike me it's not even funny. And sweet Ellie, she loves preschool. She loves her teacher, her friends, her "pack-pack"-so much so that I am having to remind myself not to get my feelings hurt when she walks right into her room and never gives me a second glance! :)

I am enjoying getting back into a morning routine. My favorite part is getting up early with B and drinking our coffee and having our quiet times side by side. I used to have my quiet time in the afternoon during naps, but I realized this Summer, I couldn't wait that long! I pretty much need to soak myself in the Word first thing, before I have an opportunity to do any permanent damage! :)

And as an added bonus, the weather has been glorious here!!! Have I mentioned that Fall is my absolutely favorite season? (Followed closely by Christmas) I love the crisp mornings, the changing leaves, the pumpkins! I am fully aware that I still live in Texas, which means tomorrow it could be 100 degrees, but I am soaking this cooler weather up while I can!!

So, here are a few pics of the kids on their first day of school: