Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Put Me In Coach

It's Springtime and you know what that means for our family.....


So, if you call and we're not home, we're at the ballpark cheering on our boys!
Go D-Backs and Cubs!!!!

And little sister is having her own fun at school this year making new friends and just being the little social butterfly that she is!!!

It's crazy busy some days, but it's fun!
Happy Spring!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Where to Begin????

Y'all, I can't even believe it's been so long since I've posted anything. For a while, I contemplated just deleting the whole blog because I felt so bad about it! I have been a bad, bad blogger, but I'm gonna try and do better!! :)

Since I seriously have no idea how and where to begin catching up, I'll just take this opportunity to invite y'all to my very own pity party, where I will be serving myself a HUGE slice of "humble pie"....

I am convinced that I have the worse case of Poison Ivy known to man. Seriously. It's baaaaaddd. Long story short, B gets poison ivy, one week later, suspicious spots pop up on me....I ignore it until I feel like cutting off the right side of my body due to all of the itching, (oh the burning and itching!!! Will it ever end????) then I finally give in and go to the Dr., who kindly informs me that I do NOT have poison ivy, but shingles instead. WHAT???? So, I spend the next week FREAKING out over the fact that I have shingles. I google "shingles" no less than 215 times trying to figure out how I ended up with this....all the while, milking this thing dry...poor B!!! He has "NO IDEA how I feel", "I am soooo tired", "I can't beliieeeeevvveee this is happening to me", and "no! I am not cooking, are you crazy? I have shingles for goodness sakes!"...on and on and ON-until yesterday, when I had to go BACK to the Dr. (my REAL DR. this time, not just the random Dr.-who by the way, I am sure is a lovely person, but apparently needs to brush up on his studies a bit) who informs me that I have poison ivy.

Um, I'm sorry, what?

Yes, poison ivy, which now, by the way has spread ALL OVER MY UPPER BODY due to the misdiagnosis! So, she then proceeds to give me the BIGGEST SHOT EVER in my boo-tay, puts me on some serious steroids and sends me home....tail between my legs, face a little red (from humiliation, not the rash), and a little more humble.

So, B, um, sorry about all that whining, and Ali, thanks for bringing us dinner that night, and Mom, thanks for coming over that Sat. and Shan, Kalen, Stac, and Renae, thanks for reading all of those pitiful emails....uh, yeah, I think the Lord has used this to reveal some heart work that needs to be tended to... :)