Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ellie Katherine

Dear Ellie,
Today is your second birthday! I can hardly believe how fast these past two years have gone. This morning when I came to get you out of your crib, I was singing "Happy Birthday to you..." and you started to yell "CAKE!". You are definitely your mother's daughter. These days you are very busy. I can't take my eyes off you for very long or you're into something you shouldn't be in to! Your favorite things are Elmo, Miss Pattycake, coloring pictures and painting toenails! :) You are very social and love to talk to strangers in the grocery store. Especially sweet old ladies. The other thing that we are noticing about you is that you really like to sing-all kinds of songs. Of course the standard Bible songs and nursery rhyme songs, but I caught you singing "Hosanna" the other day, a song off of my Passion cd, and you were actually in tune! You are also a very good dancer! Just today you and I had a little dance party in the kitchen. Those are some of my favorite times with you, when it's just us girls and we can twirl and dance together. I have so enjoyed having you as a daughter, and I look forward to the days ahead, full of girl-drama, hair catastrophes and long talks. You are a joy to our lives and you fill our home with smiles and laughter. We love you sweet girl.
Happy Birthday!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Dear Jake and Trent,
Your Daddy and I rounded the corner into our Den the other night (a night when we let you stay up late and play when you should have been asleep) and this is what we saw. How it warmed our hearts to see you two sitting next to each other (Trent in full baseball attire, of course) watching a game together. God has given you a gift in each other. Our prayer is that you will grow up knowing that you always have someone there who is on your side, backing you up, someone to go fishing with, to go to the game with, to confide in and to cheer on. Oh, we know you're gonna fight, you already do...and we know you are as different as night and day...but you are brothers. You share the same name, love the same Lord and we pray that God will bond your hearts together-differences and all- and do mighty things in His name and for His glory through you both.
We love you and it is so much fun being your Mommy and Daddy!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Take the time to watch this...(about 8 minutes) you won't regret it.

...and all the people said, "Amen".

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

American Idol

Y'ALL....last night was one of my favorite nights! I had forgotten how much I used to love (and still do) Mariah Carey's music. I used to wear her cassette tape OUT! And when Syesha sang "Vanishing" I was immediately transported back to my bedroom laying in front of my stereo trying to sing my heart out. That is one of my all time favorites of Mariah! :) But I have to say I felt really sorry for most of the contestants. I think that was a pretty tough order to fill...sing a Mariah song. I mean really, who can do that? Other than MC herself? Anyway, I loved hearing her songs again...I just may have to head over to itunes today and download me some old-school Mariah!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lovely Weekend

I am having the hardest time trying to fit in some blogging these days-and even when I do find time to sit down at my computer I totally get side-tracked by reading my friends blogs! :)

Anyway, after a very busy week, we have had a great weekend! With B's job transition, we have been so blessed to have him home with us the past few Saturdays, which is a HUGE treat to our family! It's been so crazy, because I really expected to see him less these first few weeks or so, but it seems like I've seen him more! Yesssss!

Okay, I am getting side-tracked, back to the weekend...we had our Small Group Bible Study party here Friday night and even though the getting ready for it was pretty hectic, it was nice to be able to have everyone over and all together in one place! Saturday, B and the boys went to "work" for a couple of hours, which left Ellie and I at home and we slept in...until 8:30 am...sad, I know, but still, it is considered sleeping-in in my world. After that, we headed to Lowe's for some yard stuff, then met the Glenney's for some lunch, YUM! then headed home and just hung out...(what? did you think we were actually going to DO something with the yard stuff we purchased at Lowe's? hee hee!) I did finally go and pick out Ellie's birthday invitations, but have not yet done a thing with them. Poor child, your mommy IS going to throw you a birthday party, I promise! Then Saturday night we met with our Growth Group...a group within our Small Group...and it was great! The thing with our small group Bible study is that it isn't really that small, so they have now formed smaller groups within the "small" group. We LOVE our group and everyone in it! We are excited to start meeting with other couples and grow! We made it to church this morning, then enjoyed some yuummmyyy El Charro for lunch and now I am just enjoying the breeze blowing in from my screen door and waiting for miss Ellie to wake up from her nap!'s been a lovely weekend indeed! Hope yours has too!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Baseball, Jesus and Elmo

Here are some pics of the boys on their opening day of Baseball season, we were almost rained out, but the weather held up and we got both games in!

Y'all, this is what Trent looked like when he came out of his room at 7:30 am opening day morning-is he ready to play or what?!

Here is "Big Stick"-I mean, Jake, getting ready to bat...

And here is where Jesus and Elmo come in-this is Ellie singing...she starts out with "Jesus Loves Me" then goes right into "Elmo's World" and ends it with Mrs. Pattycake's theme song...she is a hoot!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday!

About 5 1/2 years ago, God brought into my life 4 very precious women. I am a girl who treasures friendship and God has always been so faithful to bring such special relationships into my life throughout the different seasons. 5 1/2 years ago, Jake was 2 1/2 and I was a week away from giving birth to Trent, when I met these 4 women. All of our kids were starting preschool together, and the 4 of them already knew each other, but they were kind enough, or more like- tuned in to my desperation called "I have a two year old that won't poop in the potty-or anywhere for that matter- and I am 10 months pregnant and close to a nervous breakdown" and invited me to their playgroup. We had many lunch dates at the park, that always ended with someone having to load Trent into the car for me, while I wrestled Jake to the ground and then attempted to load him into the car amid all the crying, kicking and screaming. Sometimes Jake would cry, kick and scream too. Anyway, fast forward 5 1/2 years, through many play dates, many phone calls, family vacations, camping trips, girls nights with "Marge", days at the pool, early morning prayer meetings and what you have are 5 women that are bonded for life. Every single one of them are precious to me in ways that can not be expressed with words....however, ONE of them has a BIRTHDAY today!!!!

It's often been said that Shannon and I can't have a conversation without standing up and flailing our arms around to make our point... if you could see me now, I am standing up and flailing my arms (well, actually I am typing at the moment but the flailing will come later) to wish YOU, Shannon a very happy birthday! I love you to pieces!!! I am honored to call you friend and pray that you have a wonderful day filled with joy! Happy Birthday, sista!