Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday!

About 5 1/2 years ago, God brought into my life 4 very precious women. I am a girl who treasures friendship and God has always been so faithful to bring such special relationships into my life throughout the different seasons. 5 1/2 years ago, Jake was 2 1/2 and I was a week away from giving birth to Trent, when I met these 4 women. All of our kids were starting preschool together, and the 4 of them already knew each other, but they were kind enough, or more like- tuned in to my desperation called "I have a two year old that won't poop in the potty-or anywhere for that matter- and I am 10 months pregnant and close to a nervous breakdown" and invited me to their playgroup. We had many lunch dates at the park, that always ended with someone having to load Trent into the car for me, while I wrestled Jake to the ground and then attempted to load him into the car amid all the crying, kicking and screaming. Sometimes Jake would cry, kick and scream too. Anyway, fast forward 5 1/2 years, through many play dates, many phone calls, family vacations, camping trips, girls nights with "Marge", days at the pool, early morning prayer meetings and what you have are 5 women that are bonded for life. Every single one of them are precious to me in ways that can not be expressed with words....however, ONE of them has a BIRTHDAY today!!!!

It's often been said that Shannon and I can't have a conversation without standing up and flailing our arms around to make our point... if you could see me now, I am standing up and flailing my arms (well, actually I am typing at the moment but the flailing will come later) to wish YOU, Shannon a very happy birthday! I love you to pieces!!! I am honored to call you friend and pray that you have a wonderful day filled with joy! Happy Birthday, sista!


Shannon said...

Oh, oh, oh (I am flailing quite a bit right now amongst some tears)thank you, sweet friend! I love my sweet sistas ... you are all gifts from God and I only hope that you can know how much I treasure each of you. Does Marge make 6?!?! I mean, I treasure her also ... hee hee. Love you.

the bryans said...

Happy, happy birthday to our dear friend, Shannon! I am so thankful God placed all of us together to live our crazy, yet wonderful lives together.

Stacey said...

FINALLY catching up on all these incredible blogs of the sistas...and all teary thinking...oh, Lord...yes, you are so good for putting us all together! Through tears, laughter and just plain "growing up together" (along with our kiddos!) has been nothing but a joy and pleasure.
Only the happiest to Shannon on her birthday! Mandi's next..:-)

Kalen said...

Alright, another sista loggin' in. I think I read this post very shortly after it was posted and honestly didn't believe it was Shannon's birthday! I called her right! :) What kind of sista am I, anyway?! Wish I saw you more . . . the blogs are sometimes bittersweet.