Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Welcome Spring!!

Yeah!! Spring has sprung! I am so ready for warm weather, sunny days, planting flowers, playing outside and all that goes with Springtime. Easter was great. We started off at Church, which is always so awesome on Easter. There is such an air of excitement as you head into worship...the music was great and the sermon was too! We then headed out to the lake for lunch with the whole family-YUM! It turned out to be a beautiful day which made it so nice for the egg hunt and playing outside! Mom and Dad just recently purchased a Ping Pong table for the lake house so we broke it in with some matches...I stink at ping pong, but the guys- they are serious and really good at it! After that, we headed home and just relaxed!

The weather has been beautiful and we've spent a lot of time outside just riding bikes, going for walks and playing! Our new house has azaleas all the way around it and they are just about in full bloom and are GORGEOUS! I just hope I don't kill them...I'm not much of a green thumb, but I desire to be, so maybe this will inspire me! :)

Along with flowers, sunny days and warm weather, Spring also brings with it our favorite sport, Baseball! Both Jake and Trent are playing this year, which takes up a lot of our week, but it is so much fun! They love it and I am so excited that Trent FINALLY gets to play! He has spent the better part of the last 3 years, standing at the fence watching and waiting for his turn, and it has finally arrived! Tonight he gets his uniform and he is just about to bust with excitement! Trent is ALL about the uniform! I have no doubt he will be the cutest one out there! :) Opening day is this Saturday, and wouldn't you know it, both the boys games are at the exact same time, so B and I will be tag-teaming it as we run back and forth between the 5-pitch and T-ball fields...and as crazy as that will be (especially carting an almost 2 year old along for the ride), there is nothing better than being outside on a beautiful day and watching your kids have fun doing something they love! :)

Happy Spring, y'all!


Shannon said...

Happy Spring ... your Easter pics were precious. Jake just looks so OLD. Trent ... I know that boy is ready for the costume ... uh, I mean, uniform!! And Ellie ... half of her life spent at some kind of sporting event ... the day will come when those cute boys HAVE to go sit at a dance recital and give their little sis flowers afterwards! Love your fam!!

pmartin said...

The pics are so adorable! I am ready for the spring weather too! Hopefully we will be able to catch one of the boys games...and the girls can sit and play together! Love ya! Paige