Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Too Much

Okay, so we're moved in...and I was so excited to finally have my internet up and running, and I was all set to post tonight, but after stopping by my friend Julie's blog, and reading this post, there is really nothing I can say. It seems that there has been an abundance of tragedy this week...a family I know of lost their college aged daughter in a car accident Monday morning, a young mother delivered her first baby...stillborn, and now this. I don't even know this family at all, but as a fellow parent, as a human being, and sister in Christ, my heart aches for them tonight. People are hurting! It doesn't make sense. All I can say is come quickly, LORD Jesus. What an awesome opportunity we have to pray for these people we may never meet this side of Heaven. Isn't the Lord precious, that He would set prayer up this way? That His Spirit can move inside of us in such a way as to cause us to stop and pray for people we have never even met?! Let's pray for this family.

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