Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This One's for You Mitz!

My friend Mitzi and I met our freshman year in High School and we pretty much hit it off from the moment we met! (The fact that we had matching bedroom sets sealed the deal...it was meant to be!) She left me a comment this morning that made me start thinking about our younger years and all of the times we spent together...(am I quoting lyrics from a Bryan Adams song?? Yes, I think I am...) ANYWAY, one of the funniest memories I have was of the two of us in her room listening to Billy Squire and making up dance routines! We probably "borrowed" the Billy Squire album from her big sister Stephanie and the moves...well they were our own! We spent many nights making up dance routines, talking on the phone, eating, laughing, and shedding tears over our latest crush. What great memories!
Hope you enjoy the song Mitz...and maybe you can teach your girls some of our moves! :)


pmartin said...

Okay..that cracks me up!! I love the song and it brings back memories to me too! It's hard to believe that Mitz and I go way back to elementary school...Seriously, where does the time go?? Now we are in our 30's and have kids...pretty soon our girls will be doing the same things!! (Hopefully not all the things!!) Paige

Mitz said...

okay i am crying!!! i made wes come and read this and he could not believe i posted all to read about the lip story. sorry i guess i should not reveal such info so openly but i did think it would give you a good laugh....i miss laughing with you...i do not know if i have ever met anyone who makes me laugh so hard!!! what a gift God gave you!!!!

Kalen said...

I wrote you yesterday, but it didn't post . . . I wrote:

Oh yea! You will NOT hear the end of the THAT one very soon--FLICKER!! ((roaring laughter))

To make you feel a little better . . . I not only choreographed routines at home, but once dressed up as Olivia Newton John and actually PERFORMED while lip-synching a song to a friend that happened to be a boy. ((Your turn for laughter.))