Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lovely Weekend

I am having the hardest time trying to fit in some blogging these days-and even when I do find time to sit down at my computer I totally get side-tracked by reading my friends blogs! :)

Anyway, after a very busy week, we have had a great weekend! With B's job transition, we have been so blessed to have him home with us the past few Saturdays, which is a HUGE treat to our family! It's been so crazy, because I really expected to see him less these first few weeks or so, but it seems like I've seen him more! Yesssss!

Okay, I am getting side-tracked, back to the weekend...we had our Small Group Bible Study party here Friday night and even though the getting ready for it was pretty hectic, it was nice to be able to have everyone over and all together in one place! Saturday, B and the boys went to "work" for a couple of hours, which left Ellie and I at home and we slept in...until 8:30 am...sad, I know, but still, it is considered sleeping-in in my world. After that, we headed to Lowe's for some yard stuff, then met the Glenney's for some lunch, YUM! then headed home and just hung out...(what? did you think we were actually going to DO something with the yard stuff we purchased at Lowe's? hee hee!) I did finally go and pick out Ellie's birthday invitations, but have not yet done a thing with them. Poor child, your mommy IS going to throw you a birthday party, I promise! Then Saturday night we met with our Growth Group...a group within our Small Group...and it was great! The thing with our small group Bible study is that it isn't really that small, so they have now formed smaller groups within the "small" group. We LOVE our group and everyone in it! We are excited to start meeting with other couples and grow! We made it to church this morning, then enjoyed some yuummmyyy El Charro for lunch and now I am just enjoying the breeze blowing in from my screen door and waiting for miss Ellie to wake up from her nap!'s been a lovely weekend indeed! Hope yours has too!


Stacey said...

Miss you all! Sounds like great fun to take some time to read these!
love ya! we'll chat soon...
(ps- loooove that you are a Morrison fan too!)

Shannon said...

Do you think we may have been the loudest group to go to Wild Wings for lunch???? I think Kate and Ellie had fun, though :). And those boys at the table next to us ... so grown up eating at their own table ... now, they were cuties!!!