Thursday, October 2, 2008

No time to Blog

Well, I guess technically I am blogging right now, but I am only blogging to say "I have no time to blog"! And really, as I type this, I realize that this probably isn't necessary because the few people who actually read this already know that I have no time to blog, because they have listened to me vent about how crazy-busy life has been lately. :) Anyway, really, I hope to catch up soon, and post pictures of baseball, playing, birthday parties, etc....but for now, I am spending my "free time" catching up on laundry, ironing, playing with kids, and out at the ballpark...and when I can, enjoying a quiet moment here and there. :) Hopefully, I'll be back at some point with some pics!


pmartin said...

You are too funny! I LOVE reading your even if it is once a month...keep it going!! I finally updated mine today..after a month!! I think things are only going to get busier with the holidays coming up! Yikes! It was great to see ya today.

Julie said...

I am praying for your mom-keep us updated!

terri said...

I love the new look. You're so cool.