Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Twelve Years Ago Today....

B asked me to marry him!! On a random Monday night-Veteran's Day, he completely surprised me by proposing. It's hard to believe that it's been twelve years, but in some ways, it's hard to remember life before him. He truly is my best friend...and so much more!

So, in the midst of our crazy life, I just wanted to stop and tell you, B, how much I love you...I love our crazy life together, and I love what God is teaching us, even today, about this life He has called us to! I can't wait to see where the next twelve years take us! It is my privilege and honor to be your wife-I love you.


pmartin said...

I will never forget that next morning when you came down to my classroom and showed me your ring! I was sooo happy for the two of you! I truly knew that B was meant for you and vice versa. God has really blessed the two of you! Love ya!

Kalen said...

Congratulations! 12 years--that is an accomplishment. To many, many more years together seeking holiness and happiness!

Anonymous said...

I remember that day too.
This shy, scared, love struck boy coming to our house asking for your hand in marriage. Your Dad telling him how "moody" you were...trying to discourage him from marrying you.
We weren't ready to give you up. And, good grief, you had only known each other for 6 months. YIKES!
But God had other plans...good plans...to give you a future and a hope. We love you both very much.