Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Surprise Pics

Just a few of the pics from the boys weekend in Austin...they had sooo much fun and came home talking a mile a minute about all the players they met. They couldn't get over how big the guys were and how nice they were! What a special day for my boys and their Daddy!

Before the game waiting on the Longhorns to arrive....
Here they are with Aaron Smith, our friend of a friend...he had a great game, made some great tackles and even dislocated his thumb and had it popped back in socket-which my boys thought was sooo cool.

The boys with #32 Eddie Jones, defensive end for the Longhorns.

#2 Sergio Kindle, another defensive end for the Longhorns, and probably one of my boys favorite players. He wasn't in the room with all of the other players, but on their way to the car, they spotted him across the street. He was so sweet to stop and sign their balls and take a picture.

The boys with PawPaw. Thank you PawPaw for the tickets to the games, (and for the yummy key-lime pie you brought me home from Papadeauxs!).
What a fun boys weekend away!


Cindy and crew said...

What a fun experience for the boys! I have to admit, though, that the color hurts my eyes a bit...

pmartin said...

How exciting for the boys! You can just tell how thrilled they are with everything!!