Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our Song

B and I have been having this on-going conversation about the fact that we really don't have a "song". You know how you used to do that in High School, or maybe even college? If you were dating, you had a song. Well, since we didn't start dating until after college, and only dated 4 months before getting engaged, I guess we skipped that step. Now, to all of you who know me, you KNOW how upsetting this is to me due to my deep love for all music. I really do have a soundtrack to my life. I was trying to think of when my love for music began, and really my earliest recollection was getting the 45 record of Hall and Oates song "One on One" for my birthday when I was in the first grade. Oh my, that was a song. But anyway, back to B and I, there are many songs that remind us of each other, or certain times in our relationship, but not just one definite song. A few years ago, Rascal Flatts came out with a song, "Bless the Broken Road" and before I ever heard it B came home and told me it really reminded him of our story. Once I heard the song, I agreed, but we never officially adopted the song as "OUR song". I think part of the problem, for me at least, is that it became so popular to the point of it finally getting on my nerves. I don't want a song that EVERYONE else has as there song too!! :) Well, yesterday in our last video session of Bible Study, Beth had Travis sing the song and asked us to really picture the song referring to our pilgrimage with Christ. While I sat there and listened, it was so overwhelming how it does fit my pilgrimage with Christ, and I was reminded again how it sweetly describes my story with B as well. How precious to me...a song that encompasses both of my loves. So, in honor of you B, and in honor of my Christ...this songs for you!!

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Anonymous said...

I could never possibly come up with the words to describe what the Lord has done in our lives to bring us to the point we are at now. His grace, his love, and his patience are amazing. Only He could have given me a gift as great as you! With that said, this song puts into words what I couldn't. I love you, B.