Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Happy Valentines Day!

I'm going to try and bring back "Thankful Thursdays". I loved the idea (stolen from my sister-in-love, the problem has been that by the time I remember to do it, it is already Friday! No joke! :) So, here it is...

Today I am thankful for:
1. The love of Christ, his stubborn, unending, unconditional love.
2. My Valentine, B. He is just one more example of Christ's stubborn and unconditional love for me. I love you B!
3. My three mini-Valentines! All three very unique individuals who brighten my days, keep me on my knees and make my life so rich.
4. My parents, who-after...well, I'm not sure how many years now...let's just say MANY years-are still crazy about each other. They have set the bar high for us, and for that we are grateful. Their example spurs B and I on.
5. Sleep, of which I am running low on! :)
6. My pillows, all five of them!
7. Kathy, who will be cutting and highlighting my hair in about an hour. I love a fresh cut and color!
8. My new house, that I will be moving into in less than two weeks!
9. Meredith, our babysitter, who comes and brings sweet relief to my life!
10. Elmo, he is the ONLY one who can keep Ellie still for more than 2 minutes.

Have a wonderful Thursday and hug your sweethearts!


the bryans said...

And we are thankful for you and your precious family. Love you all and Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for a daughter who keeps me on my toes, calls me on the carpet and loves me in spite of the fact that I'm losing brain cells every day. I love you more every day. ~Mom