Saturday, August 23, 2008

Farewell Summer!

*Warning, I'm playing catch-up so this is long! :)

The last days of Summer are here. On Monday morning we will set our alarm clocks, rise with the dawn and begin a new season once again.

I can hardly believe that Jake will be in the third grade. How has it gone so fast? I know all moms feel that way, but I guess sometimes the days seem so long that when this feeling rises up within me, it often surprises me. It literally feels like yesterday that it was just the two of us playing toys, reading books, singing songs, fixing snacks-and yet, 8 1/2 years have past! I kid with him sometimes and tell him I'm not letting him go into third grade, and that he can't grow any bigger, not one more inch-but inevitably he keeps growing! :) I am so proud of the young boy he has become. Even at such a young age, he has a passion for God's Word and a compassion for others that I know comes from the Lord. B and I are praying that this year the Lord will increase that passion and love for others and that Jake will begin to use these gifts to "minister" to others-other kids in his class, or on his Baseball team, teacher, or anyone for that matter! (Eph. 5:1-2) Jake is a special little guy, and even though I really am going to miss him during the day, I am really excited to see him grow, and to see what the Lord has in store for him.

Now, don't get me started on Trent Carter! My buddy is off to Kindergarten! My little entertainer is off to "entertain" his new teacher and classmates. And what a show it will be! I'm not sure what Ellie and I will do without our Star Wars reenactments, Bibleman shows, our afternoon Longhorn football, baseball, basketball games, and the countless other shows he comes up with. :) I am going to miss that little boy so much-but he is ready. He is so ready! Our prayer for Trent is that even though he is young, that he will indeed set an example for others in everything he does. (1 Tim. 4:12) Being the younger brother is tough sometimes, Jake (from Trent's perspective) seems to get a lot of attention and praise, and of course everyone knows that Jake gets to do EVERYTHING-but we are praying that God will show Trent that he is special and unique in his own way and that He has a tailor-made plan for his life, that will fit him perfectly.

And to top all of this off, Ellie is going to start "KK" two days a week! That is just crazy! She is as excited as she can be-for not really knowing what she is getting herself into! She has her "pack-pack" all ready, with her "name on it", and every time we drive by her school she yells out "Ellie's schoooool"! One of her best little friends is going to be in her class, and really they are more like sisters, (being only 9 weeks a part), they have been together, literally, their whole lives. Shannon and I are praying extra hard for their teacher! We have a feeling it won't take her long to figure out that Ellie and Kate already know each other and have been in a few "scraps" over toys before! :) Good luck with that! B and I are really enjoying Ellie. She is a firecracker, to say the least. She is FULL of joy and personality. Our prayer for her is that as she grows, God will continue to shape and mold her into the woman He has called her to be, and that one day she will be like a "pillar carved to adorn a palace" (Ps. 144 :12) full of His beauty and strength.

So that's my farewell to Summer....but before I close, (I sound like I am preaching a sermon) I'll share a few (ha! more like 12!) of my favorite pics of the Summer!

Sweet girlfriends.

Sword fights!

Summer Camp!


Older brothers'influence:

The older brothers!

Two of a kind!

Best lookin' 8 year old in town!

You got me!

A little girltalk.

Glow sticks rock!

Pure Joy!
Here's to a great Summer!


The Milams said...

Great post. Loved all the pics!

Stacey said...

Love it! Let's catch up more soon, Mandi! Love and luck to the boys first week! love ya~stacey

Shannon said...

Oh ... I am crying, crying, crying!!! What a fun summer ... many more to come I know :). I am praying my heart for you in the morning as Trent starts Kindergarten. He will do great; it's just that feeling way down deep in your heart when there is change. It is hard but exciting, a little sad but a lot happy! As for the girls at KK ... a prayer for their teacher and a shout out to the first lunch we gals will be having without any kiddos (or babysitters)!!!! Woo-hoo! love you.

pmartin said...

Oh Mandi...your blog just warms my heart! I love all the pics of the kids...I just can't believe how grown up they are...
We will definitely have to get together since the girls will all be at KK! Love ya, Paige