Monday, January 12, 2009

Colorado Springs

Oh. My. Goodness. There are no words I can use that will do this trip justice, but I have to try. First of all, thank you again B. What a weekend! And thanks again Mom, Dad and Glenney's. The kids had so much fun...we appreciate y'all so much.

Okay, here's a quick recap...okay, so it turned out to be not-so-quick of a recap after all!
Friday morning...up before dawn to catch our flight-stinks getting up that early, but it paid off, because we were in Colorado by 10 am!
First of all, it was C-C-C-OLD! When we left DFW it was almost 70 8am!!! When we landed in Colorado it was about 40 degrees colder, with winds about 25 mph AND SNOWING!!!! Yippee! So, first things first, we found our rental car...which was halarious! It was ELECTRIC BLUE...really, it was purple, and this picture doesn't do it justice, but you get the idea!

So, we loaded the car, and headed downtown to find this place that we had heard would be really good for lunch...and it was! I'm still dreaming about that table side guacamole! After lunch we walked around and went through some of the shops downtown.

Next, it was on to the Garden of the Gods. Okay, so-not so hip on the "Gods" part of it...but since I know the Truth and the Creator of all things, it was a lovely and stunning sight to see! :) The rock formations are amazing!!

We had to make a snowball to show the kids!
It was finally time to check-in, so off we went to find the Broadmoor! It is a beautiful place. The room was fantastic, so big, with a mountain view! Next on the agenda, was a NAP! Ahhh, yessss. It was lovely. When we woke up, I opened the curtains and it was snowing HARD! The sky was gray, and it was coming down hard. You would have thought we were a couple of 8 year olds, who had never seen snow! We jumped up, threw on our clothes and headed out to enjoy it! At this point, I have to say, I think we both for a moment wished our kids were there to see it....but the moment passed! Hee Hee! :)

We stopped by the fire-pit to warm up...see?? Cozy!
That night we went to dinner at the Golden Bee. It was like an old Irish Pub. The fish and chips were great and at 8pm, they passed out song books and a man came out and we all sang along as he played the piano. :) The waitresses at random times, for no apparent reason, would throw these sticky bees at you throughout your meal...check out B's, bees!
Saturday the weather was clear, cold and beautiful! We worked out, and then decided to take the Cog Railway up to the top of Pike's Peak. It was breathtaking...literally!!! The views were spectacular, and we were even able to see some horned sheep, which they said was rare for this time of year. The temperature at the top was -15 degrees, with the windchill it was -60 degrees, yes, that is right...-60! Needless to say, we didn't stay at the top long. Which was great, because as I said, it literally took my breath away. It felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest the entire time we were at the top!
(one of the views from the top)
It took forever for us to warm up after that trip, so we hung out in our room watching a movie- so relaxing!!! Saturday night we dressed up for dinner and went out for steak, which was delicious! Before we headed out for dinner, check out the view from our room....
I know, beautiful!
So, that's about it in a nutshell-of course it was all this and so much more! A wonderful weekend away, but today, it's back to reality, which really isn't all that bad either! :)


julie said...

Mandi, What a wonderful blessing! I'm glad you had a blast! We'll talk soon...

Kalen said...

Ok . . . I'm jealous!! Sounds like a beautiful weekend away. Love the pictures. What to go Brian!

terri said...

I am so glad you had a nice weekend away. Sounds like it was perfect!

Shannon said...

Beautiful ... that is why they call Colorado "God's Country", huh?!? Your boys were perfect and precious and I would keep them anytime!! I am so glad you had fun --- kudos to Brian!