Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Not So Broken Arm

Not too much going on around here these past two days. After our trip, it has been a week and a half of getting back into our groove. Catching up on laundry, puppy-sitting for my parents while they were away, a great dinner date with some old friends and enjoying the long weekend.

There have been a few high-lights, one of which was the dreaded phone call from the school nurse....It was last Thursday-I had just put Ellie down for her nap, was about to start ironing, when the phone rang. It was the school nurse. Uh-oh. She proceeded to tell me that Trent fell at Recess and that another little boy then fell on top of his arm, and that it was hurting him a lot and it was even a little swollen and I should come get him and have some x-rays taken. that point I have to admit the adrenaline started pumping. I'm not the parent to handle broken bones...but here's the thing, B was out of town that afternoon, so apparently I was the parent. Of course, my mind starts to is a little glimpse into the thought process that followed...

Ellie, she's asleep, so I'll call mom to come watch her...oh no, mom is out of town, and oh yeah, I have the puppy, I need to crate her...okay, I'll wake Ellie up and take her with me...that should be fun.

Now Jake, oh shoot, he's off campus today, how am I going to get Jake? I can't wait until 2:30 for Jake to get back to campus before I take Trent to the Dr. -and speaking of Dr. do I just take him, or do I call???
I call the Dr. - "no we don't do x-rays, but if you want to make an appt. we can schedule you one for later this afternoon and if he does need x-rays, we will send you to the other office, etc."
O.K. Now what?
Call Kelli, "Uh, Kelli, this is one of those days..."
(Thankfully, she stepped in rescued Ellie, picked up Jake, and sent me to a place that took x-rays and got us in and out in less than 45 minutes-I know, a rare medical miracle.)

So back to Trent, when I arrived at the school, I was mentally prepared for the worst. What I ended up seeing was my precious middle son, flanked on each side by the nurse and his teacher, with a make-shift sling on his arm and a slight grin on his face. Hhhmmmm. He doesn't look like he is in that much pain. Well, maybe he is just being extra brave. I hugged him and got a good look at him and right then knew, uh, he is going to be just fine, but after the nurse cornered me and suggested that I might even want to let an Orthopedic Surgeon look at it, I thought maybe he is just being REALLY brave, and that even though he can move it in any direction without even flinching that it could still be broken...I'm not a Dr., what do I know? However, maybe I should become a Dr. because as my gut suspected, he was fine. No break, and by the time we got back to Kelli's to pick up the other two, he was jumping on the trampoline and riding the electric scooter. Oh well, maybe he just needed a little extra TLC-and that, he did get. The funny thing is, that by the time Kelli got back to school to pick up Jake the rumors were flying...Trent broke his arm!!! The bone was sticking out!!! Ha! I bet there were a lot of disappointed little Kindergarteners yesterday when he returned arm-in-tact. Oh, and those of you who know Trent, won't be shocked to read that he proceeded to wear the make-shift sling all weekend...not so much at home, but mainly any time we went anywhere in public or had company. Oh yes he did. He said it made him feel tough. Oh these little boys-how boring life would be without them.


terri said...

Oh no.
That sounds like a day that would happen at my house! HAHA
I'm glad his arm wasn't broken - and I can totally see him wearing his "cast." I love that boy. :)

Shanequa said...

That was quite a day, it sounds like. We heard by way of Ashley Waterman that Trent's arm was broken, too, but we knew we'd have heard from y'all by then if it were true. She was just sure it was wonder! Glad he's OK...and you, too!

Shannon said...

I LOVE Trent!!!!