Monday, August 24, 2009

Back To School

Today was the big day for our family...first day of school! Everyone was excited and up early! The hallways were buzzing, full of kids and parents shuffling their kiddos to their new classes. When I got home, a wave of emotion came over me-time is passing-quickly.

As the Lord would have it, my devotionals for the day were all about trust...and releasing the ones we love into the Father's care. He gently and lovingly reminded me that they are much safer with Him than in my clinging hands and that when I release my children into His care, I free my hands so they can hold tightly to Him. The same presence that comforts me, comforts them. What a wonderful reminder-because they belong to Him, His presences goes with them.

Happy First Day of School Jake and Trent! It's going to be a great year!!!


pmartin said...

The boys look so grown up!!! Time has flown by so fast! And next week, our girls will be off to school! :)

Renae said...

What good looking kids! This is going to be a GREAT year of 4th grade, 1st grade, and KK. We miss you and love you.