Saturday, May 24, 2008

Picture of Grace

If you have a moment, go and read this post. What a beautiful picture of what our Lord has done for all of us. Some of us have more cracks than others, but that doesn't matter to Him. He still loves us and even chooses to use us...cracks and all. Unbelievable.
Thank you Lord for loving me and for putting me back together. I am stunned by your grace and mercy again this morning.


Shanequa said...

That was such a great post you sent me to...she is truly anointed.

pmartin said...

Wow..that left me speechless..what a beautiful post!
Hope you had a great Memorial Day.

Stacey said...

Oh- Mandi....thank you for forwarding this beautiful post. Yes, I had a moment this morning- and I so needed to read this (with cloudy, full teary eyes!). I can completely and totally relate to being shattered at many, many times in my life...and indeed God puts all those shattered pieces back together through His mercy and grace!!!
Love ya- stacey