Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Things have been moving at warp speed around our house the past month or so! After Ellie's Bday, we seemed to have something every week...if not every night! I've been meaning to post pics of her party, Trent's Texas Day, Mother's Day etc...but haven't had a chance to get around to it...so I've decided to post a shorter version of it all in one big fat random post! :)

FIRST things FIRST: Welcome to the world sweet baby Rhet, precious son of mycommenterri. How I loved getting to hold you! Can't wait to see you again!

Okay, now to the randomness:
Ellie's bday was a blast! She is a social butterfly if I've ever seen one! She loved having all of her friends and family there to celebrate!

Texas Day! Yippee-Ki-yay! Texas Day was bittersweet this year! I can not believe that it was Trent's last one! He loves Texas Day...well any day that he can dress up in a costume~he loves, but he really loves Texas Day! The songs, the horses, the picnic lunch, face painting and friends! So sweet and so fun!

Our new friend: we looked out our back window and look what we saw!

He lives in our backyard...he hides under the eaves when it rains and lives in one of our flowerbeds! It's really kind of creepy to me, but the kids think it's cool! I am not big on reptiles...and I realized just recently that some people think that is a little silly...like when my neighbor walked down to invite my boys to come up and see their snake eating a toad...GROSS! And that's not all, the next thing I know she is bringing down a huge garter snake for me to check out. Her son wanted to give it to us as a housewarming gift...uh, yeah, thanks but NO thanks!

And lastly, Mother's Day...aaahhh! It came and went all too quickly! :)
We had a wonderful lunch with my family and then spent the afternoon relaxing...a little nap, a little baseball with the kids...it was my favorite so far!

So that's what we've been up to lately. Today, Trent is not feeling too hot. He had to miss his last t-ball game last night...I'm hoping that the fever stays away so he won't have to miss his last day of school tomorrow! :)

Summer's almost here! I think I am ready for it...:)

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pmartin said...

Love all the pics! Can't believe summer is almost here either...we will have to have a play date with everyone! Hope Trent gets to feeling better and makes it to splash day! It was fun but it was oh soooo hot!!! Love ya! Paige