Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Honeymoon is Over

No, I am not talking about my marriage...:), instead I am talking about our three weeks of "honeymoon" that we have had this Summer.

You know, I knew it was coming, but MAN-I still wasn't prepared! I have said more than once, here on this blog, and to people I know, that I am loving this Summer and how great things were going and how the boys were playing together so nicely, and really that was the truth...but today, we are in a different place. We've had one too many late nights and WAY too many early mornings, a LOT of togetherness and the nerves are wearing thin.

So today, we are in a new phase of Summer-I'd like to call it "We've been together a lot lately and I still love you to pieces but I need a break" phase. The boys are currently in their room for their second session of "reading/room time", which is code for "your fighting again and Mommy can't take it anymore, so everyone go to their own rooms and take a break" included. :) Ellie is in her room napping, so for a moment, things are quiet...for a moment at least. :)

But as I sit here and type this, I am reminded that this calling (homemaking) is not for the faint of heart, or selfish. And the latter is what I struggle with the most. It's on these days, when nothing goes as planned, and everyone is grumpy that I have to depend on my Lord to love THROUGH me when frankly, I'd rather not. I wish I could say I my track record of depending on Him was great, but really it's not. Most days, I usually jump on the grumpy train and then the rest of the day goes down hill. Ugh...will I ever get it? However, there is hope. He who began a good work in me, WILL be faithful to complete it. So, today, I think I'll jump on the hope train, and believe that He will get me through this day! :)


Kalen said...

Honestly, one of the biggest lessons I have learned homeschooling has been the extent to which I am ruled by my own selfishness, which then leads to recognizing God's mercy and grace in whole new way. He is good! Then, we have to teach our kids to put aside their own selfish desires and choose to love each other instead. For the faint of heart? The weak? I think not!! Put on the full armour, stand firm and love!!! Whew, I am tired already. :)

Liz said...

Ya know, even though my kids are older (7, 8 & nearly 12), we still have a "quiet time" every day when they're all home (weekends, school holidays, summer). It's just an extension of the naptimes they used to take as babies. For about an hour & 1/2 to 2 hours every day, we take a break from each other & recharge for the rest of the day. I take a nap or read or email and they all go to their rooms for some quiet time. Either that or they go to separate couches & watch a movie quietly.

I figure there isn't much time in life to slow down & rest so we do it when we're all at home. And boy am I glad for our daily quiet time!

the bryans said...

Remember our Ebenezer stone - "thus far has the Lord helped us". Praise God! You are such a wonderful mom to Jake, Trent, and Ellie. They are very blessed to call you their "Mommy". Love and miss you all. That is the cutest picture of your kiddos!

terri said...

So, after reading this and talking the other day, we have re-established room time at our house. It's happening at this very moment, and it is WONDERFUL!!
Thanks for the reminder. :)
Also, I LOVE this picture of your sweet kids. Too cute!