Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Love America!

I am a bit slow getting this post up, but slow is our pace we try to keep during the Summer! We had a great Fourth of July! Lots of food, fun and family! We didn't have all of our family together this year, which made it a little quieter! ha ha! We did miss you Mom and Dad, BT and Kdog! Here a few pics from our day! Thanks to "Uncie" Donnie!! You were a great boat driver! The kids had a blast on your new tube!

All loaded up and ready to go!! This was Ellie first time out on the boat this Summer, and even though she was nervous at first, she ended up LOVING it!

Cousins are so much fun!!

Sparklers always take me back to my childhood!

Okay, y'all...I can't EVEN believe I am posting this hideous picture of me,(note to self, put on a hat after the boat ride!ugh!) but I wanted you to see this nasty catfish I caught! YUCK! We were fishing for brim, but this beast ended up on my line and almost broke my sad little pole! Thankfully, B was there to save the day and get set him free, 'cause there was no WAY I was touching him!

I wasn't the only one who got lucky that day! :)

I love this picture! Ellie is so blessed to have such a sweet Daddy!

All and all it was a fun day! Thanks MeMe and Poppy for letting us use your lakehouse and boat while you were away!


Julie said...

I did not know your parents have a lakehouse! I have great memories from my childhood at a friend's lakehouse! It looks like ya'll had a blast!

Melissa said...

Hey Mandi!! That WAS a fun day at the lakehouse, and so nice of your parents to let us all come hang out. :) Everything was perfect! If you got any good pictures email them to me if you get a chance ~ Thanks!! :)

Kalen said...

Sweet picture Mandi (of course, I do love all of the pictures--just particularly fond of yours)!!! Happy Fourth of July!!

terri said...

That is the sweetest picture of Ellie and her daddy.
And I did NOT know you were a fisherwoman! Impressive. :)

pmartin said...

Love all the pics...especially the one of you! Glad you had a great holiday! Paige

Stacey said...

Quite the fisher-chic, Mandi! Proud moment to share, indeed! Love that we share sweet moments- through the days...and can get more sweetness on blogs!
xo stacey
(i posted another comment, but didn't go through?)

Shannon said...

I love that pic of Brian and Ellie - so sweet. Way to go on that catch, Bassmaster!
love you!