Thursday, July 31, 2008

Playing Catch-up

Oh my, I can't believe how long it has been since I've posted. I don't even know where to begin! This Summer has been wonderful-and it's gone by soooo fast. Only a few weeks left before school starts!
Speaking of school, it dawned on me the other day, that these last few weeks of Summer will be the last that I will have all 3 kids home for a while! With Trent starting Kindergarten and Ellie starting KK, 2 days a week, I am on the verge of a new season of life. Isn't that how it goes? Right when you get the hang of one season-used to the "climate", get the hang of the routine, a fresh wind blows in with a weather change! But as always, God remains faithful and constant through it all and He will bring us through this change, just as He has all the others!
But before I get too ahead of myself, here are a few pics of what's been going on these past few weeks!

For starters, Ellie got her first haircut! She has beautiful hair, but it was becoming a bit unruly, so we decided to cut a little off. She did great, and she looked so big after she was done! I am thinking we are going to go even shorter next time. I've always been a sucker for little girls with cute bobs!

The boys enjoyed a day of golf with Daddy! They had a BLAST! It was hotter than hot out there, but they didn't care! They had Daddy all to themselves and they loved every minute of it! Here they are getting ready to go...

We also attended our dear friends, the Bryans' commissioning service. They are hoping to move to Quito, Ecuador soon to work with a mission agency down there. It was a sweet service, and although we are sad to see them go, we are excited to see what God has planned for them. After the service some of us gathered over here and hung out for a while. It was crazy with all of our children running around, but it was also very sweet to see how God has grown our families! Whew!


And last but not least, B and I celebrated our 11th Anniversary! We had a wonderful 24 hours away at the Four Seasons, and a fun and delicious dinner with the Thedfords and the Bryans and we even enjoyed a full moon!! ha! I love you B!

Okay, so that's it for now...sorry it was so long. I'll try to post some pics of our family trip soon! Have a great Thursday!!

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