Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Feast

Both yesterday and today we attended the boys Thanksgiving programs. The first one was Trent's. Every year at his preschool they go all out and have a Thanksgiving program, complete with Pilgrims, Indians, turkey, and the the ever-popular screaming toddler who walked on stage, saw Mommy, and caught a terminal case of stage fright! (I'm not judging...my oldest one was famous for that!) Anyway, as usual, it was precious...well at least I think it was. I was so busy wrestling my precious Ellie Kate, that I didn't really get a chance to see much of the program at all...and when I did look up and actually watch Trent, I was in that daze that all mother's know - the one when you are staring at something, making all the appropriate expressions, maybe even singing along, but actually all the while praying to God that your other child will stop all the squirming and whining and just be still for one second for goodness sakes!!!! Anyway, it really was cute and Trent enjoyed being the center of attention during lunch...Nanny, Meme, Poppy, and his great-grandfather PawPaw Jimmy came to watch so he was all about that! It was his last feast at this preschool because next year he will be heading off to Kindergarten! :( I can't believe it!

Well, after our feast yesterday, I wised up and called our precious baby-sitter and left Ellie at home so we could head back out today and listen to one more version of Tom, Tom Turkey, this time performed by Jake and his second grade class. It was so cute, because instead of screaming, stage-fright filled toddlers, you have a bunch of second grade boys who have that "I can't believe my teacher is making me do this, and would everyone just please stop looking at me" face! After the performance, we enjoyed a feast fit for a king (or Pilgrim), that included turkey and cheese sandwiches, Nacho Cheese flavored Doritos and cupcakes, among other fine delicacies! Yuummm! And don't think for a second that the kids weren't all over that menu! :) All in all it was a great time and the best part was Jake came home early with us, which officially kicked off our Thanksgiving holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


The Milams said...

Cute kids! Happy Thanksgiving!

terri said...

Cute pictures. I think "Mountain Lion" is really a fine name for that crazy boy!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!