Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Put on the Armor!

This morning when meeting with my girls to pray, one of them began to talk about how the Lord is really opening her eyes to the realities of Spiritual Warfare. That term can sometimes make people uncomfortable and cause some to conjure up some "kooky" ideas in their minds. However, God's word is clear that it is a reality. So, the point is that in the last 2 days this particular subject has come up 3 different times! I can't help but believe that God is trying to say something to me...duh!! My next thought is, what??!! Ephesians 6 is at the heart of each of these conversations. I have read those verses a hundred times, and I've heard them quoted at least a hundred more, thanks to Bibleman...but am I putting them into practice? And how does that look on a daily basis..."putting on the armor of God"? Prayer? Reading/studying the Word? Okay, I am doing that, but what else? And then obviously, I am asking, "Okay, Lord, what in the world are you trying to prepare me for??!!"

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