Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The One and Only

I just finished today Beth Moore's Bible Study, Jesus the One and Only. I am not sure I'll be able to put into words what this has meant to me, but I feel so full right now, that I at least have to try.

At first I was a little hesitant about my small group. I was the youngest one, and sometimes I like that, there is such wisdom in these precious older women who have walked many miles with our Lord, but this time I was struggling...I wanted to be with the women closer to my own age and stage of life. I contemplated switching studies, but I have done enough of Beth's studies to know that God is using her in a mighty way in our generation, and I knew it was going to be good. So, I decided to stick with it. And boy am I glad I did!

There is no way to compile into one little post all of the treasures that I found along the 10 week journey, but I think something that she (Beth) said in the video today sums up what I am feeling. At the close of the session, she said something along the lines of...isn't that just like our Jesus? The more we learn about Him, the more we want to know Him. That's it. That's what I am feeling. I want more of Him. I just want Him.

There are so many things in my life that are vying for my attention - children, husband, Christmas lists, decisions concerning our future, relationships, laundry, cleaning, I could go on and on...but all I really want is Him.

I am so thankful for the timing of this study. What better time than Christmas, the celebration of HIS birth to be reminded that HE is all that matters. It's all about Him, and if I make it my life's goal to love Him and seek Him, all of those things that I listed above that are vying for my attention, will fall into place, because everything I need is in Him, and He has them all taken care of.

Jesus...He truly is the One and Only.


Kthed said...

Preach on sista'! Wish I could've done a study this Fall!

Mitz said...

Hey sweetie thanks for all of your sweet comments. I will be in town all of next week and maybe we could get together!! My mom had surgery last week! Love your blog...for a while I could not get here!