Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I am not even sure if this post is going to make any sense at all. The last 2 weeks have been somewhat of a roller coaster ride, filled with lots of ups and downs, twists and turns, abrupt starts and stops.

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that we sold our home and have been looking for a new house and thought we may have found one...well, it didn't work out. It's a good thing though. We've been praying for God's protection throughout this whole process so, we believe that is exactly what happened. Anyway, on top of looking for a new house there has been this other "situation" going on with B's job. One that we have been praying about for a long, long time. Talk about a chance for fear, stress and worry to creep in. There have been days when it looked as if everything was going to work out perfectly. We found a house, the deal comes through with B's job on the same day, then BAM...2 inspections later and both the house and the job deal are off. Then, right when we think the job "situation" is done and over, ANOTHER opportunity opens up on the same day. Anyone feeling me here? I mean the ups and downs are killing me!

But the truth is, they aren't really. I started Beth Moore's "Psalm of Ascent" study right in the middle of all of this and it has been so timely. On day two of week two, we focused on Psalm 123. Verse one says, "I lift my eyes to You, the One enthroned in heaven." Beth begins to point out that "an entire chain reaction begins with our eyes and ultimately affects our hearts, souls, and minds. Where we look-where we genuinely fasten our gaze-amid continual life challenges has a tremendous impact on how we feel". Wow. That is exactly what I needed to read. If I start to focus on our situation right now, I can get really uneasy, worried, afraid, upset, angry, etc. But when I shift my focus onto Christ, and keep my gaze fixed on Him, I am seeing Him working in very specific ways... answering prayers that we have prayed for years, working in my heart on areas that I have struggle with for just as long. And when I see that, I feel His peace. Even in the midst of this roller coaster ride, I feel His steady hand guiding us through each twist and turn and I KNOW that He is working it all out for His purposes and His glory.

Who knows what the next year, or even the next day, holds for our family...but I know who holds us, and He is good.


The Milams said...

You are really speaking my heart today! Our lives seem so unsettled, there is so much uncertainty, etc...if I let myself go there, it's not pretty. (And the devil tries to make me go there often!!!)

Psalms of Ascent has been a blessing to me, too. It looks like we are about a week behind you so I am glad to see that great things await.

Note This... said...

Hello, my name's Cassie. I'm one of the thedford's babysitters. I just happened to notice that you were looking for a house. And I don't know where you're looking, but our house is for sale in whitehouse. 311 Robinwood right before you get to the mcdonald's. It's listed by Andrea Lynch at Rose Capital Realty. 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath... huge gameroom... good for kids... we're moving into our new house out in windsor estates in bullard in about 4 weeks and really need to sell this one ...